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  • If you are ordering MailBug, note that it requires Landel Email Service to operate. If you are ordering SurveyBug, note that it requires Landel Data Service to operate.

    Your credit card will be billed for the one-time purchase and shipping cost of the MailBug or SurveyBug device, along with the first payment for your chosen monthly, quarterly, or annual email service (net of any applicable free trials or promotional credits).

    Subsequent periodic charges for ongoing monthly, quarterly, or annual email or data service will be billed separately to the same credit card you have entered on this form, unless you direct Landel to use a different method of payment for subsequent email service charges. For example, many customers order MailBug as a gift and want to pay only for the MailBug and the first year of email service, leaving it to the gift recipient to renew after the first year expires. Other customers are siblings who give MailBug as a gift to their parents, where one pays for the MailBug and the first month of email service while the other pays for subsequent monthly email service. These types of changes can be easily made by contacting Landel Support after submitting your order. Support can be reached at 408-360-0490.

    No long term contracts are required for MailBug. The option to buy email service for a month, a quarter, or a year is entirely one of your choice. Annual email service provides the best value with a savings of over $5 compared to the cost of monthly service.  Email service will be renewed each month, quarter, or year, depending on the length of service you have chosen, until you cancel.

    No long term contracts are required for SurveyBug, the data service for which is billed month to month.

    Any questions about Landel Email Service for MailBug, or Landel Data Service for SurveyBug or DataBug, should be directed to or

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  • *** Important note about local and toll-free access numbers: *** While Landel support representatives will be careful to help you choose a number that is local to your home or office, please be sure to verify that the number your MailBug uses to connect is not a long distance toll call. Landel is not responsible for toll or other charges that might be incurred by the use of the telephone number entered into the MailBug setup. Your local telephone company will be able to verify whether the number you have chosen is local and whether or not there are any other applicable charges. While Landel maintains a large network of local numbers, it is possible that there is no local number available for you. In these cases, Landel will make a toll-free number available to you.